Top 10  Facts about Cryptocurrency You must know

Fact No. 1

 First commercial bitcoin transaction was for pizza on May 22, 2010

Fact No. 2

One of the First blockchain games was CryptoKitties

Fact No. 3

Dogecoin was started as a joke but now it one of the popular cryptocurrency

Fact No. 4

The Total Amount of Bitcoin is limited,  the Limit is 21 million

Fact No. 5

There are More than 10,000 Cryptocurrencies  in Existence

Fact No. 6

Ethereum Fees Are Referred to as Gas

Fact No. 7

One man wants to excavate a landfill to get his digital wallet back

Fact No. 8

Some cryptos, like Ethereum, have more uses than as a coin

Fact No. 9

The Bitcoin Founder is anonymous

Fact No. 10

The Biggest cryptocurrency miner is China