How To Mine Bitcoin Gold – Ultimate Guide

I think you must be wondering how to mine bitcoin gold. So, in this post, I will be providing the Ultimate guide on Bitcoin Gold mining. So, I think you must be interested to know all the things. So let’s get started.

What is Bitcoin Gold Mining?

If you are still in doubt that what is Bitcoin Gold Mining? Well, let’s clear the haze. The cryptocurrency you should know is Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold has an average coin value of $4.95 per coin.

Bitcoin Gold was launched by a fork of Bitcoin on 12 November 2017. So here in this guide, I’ll be providing you with the complete information you need to mine Bitcoin Gold.

You can mine Bitcoin Gold using several ways. But using cloud mining is one of the easiest ways to mine Bitcoin Gold.

Signing Up For a BTC cloud mining cloud

The easiest way to mine Bitcoin Gold is to sign up for a bitcoin cloud mining service. These cloud mining service offers cloud mining tools and uses them to mine Bitcoin Gold on your PC.

How long does it take to mine one Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold miners mine approximately 130 GH/s for each block and there are approximately 16.9 million possible chains in bitcoin gold.

This means that there are approximately 16.9 million possible Bitcoin Gold blocks and these blocks will be mined over time.

In order to mine bitcoin gold, you will need specialized equipment. Each miner will have a personal computer and may include a graphics card, power supply, and heat sink, as well as some specialized mining software.

Other parts, including the processor and the graphics card itself, might be substituted with cheaper alternatives. This is one of the most important factors, you need to make sure that your system has the hardware to mine Bitcoin Gold.

Also, let us know Is it profitable to mine bitcoin gold.

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Is it Profitable to Mine Bitcoin Gold?

If you are going to mine bitcoin gold then you must be wondering what is the profitability of it. Mining bitcoin gold is profitable as you need much less equipment and energy. This makes it an easy job to mine bitcoin gold.

How to Mine and Earn Bitcoins Using an ASIC Chip

If you are looking for ways to mine bitcoin gold with a kit or miner you must be thinking about what equipment is required to do it. Basically, the cost of equipment depends on the type of equipment you will be using.

The equipment used in mining bitcoins can be low or high cost. ASIC chips are the key to mining bitcoins.

Buying and Sale of Bitcoin Gold ASIC Chip

As of today, there are a total of 2600 Bitcoin-based ASIC chips are available. There is also a market for Bitcoins and they are sold for Bitcoin.

Pro’s and Con’s of Bitcoin Gold mining


  • Growth in the mining of Bitcoin Gold is exponential.
  • Few Coins will be mined quickly, then Bitcoin Gold, then smaller altcoins.
  • Easy to mine with old hardware.
  • Easy to mine and can grow with Bitcoin Mining technology.
  • Miners can set up mining pools and earn more.
  • Less risk of Bitcoin miners getting banned.


  • Exclusive Mining Pools.
  • More work for pools of bitcoin gold miners.
  • Crypto-jackers and DDoS Attacks can kill mining.
  • Bounties for people to attack and destroy pools of miners.
  • Bitcoin Gold has a lot of potential, But one thing is for sure this is not a small cryptocurrency and this will attract a lot of people, who are into blockchain technology.
  • It is going to grow more and more and the Cryptocurrency market, in general, is experiencing a boom.

How much does it cost to mine Bitcoin Gold?

With the rising popularity of Bitcoin and the emergence of the mining digital currency, Bitcoin Gold got all the attention.

It means you will have to invest big time and effort in mining this cryptocurrency as it is a really risky mining cryptocurrency.

But hey, investing in mining bitcoin is pretty much cheaper than other digital currencies. However, for Bitcoin Gold, you will be required to invest as much as 5,000 USD.

Also if you don’t have 5,000 USD available, you can use the opportunity to earn Bitcoin in different ways which you can either convert to Bitcoin gold or buy Bitcoin gold.

Why is it Risky mining digital currency?

It is quite risky to mine bitcoin gold as you are dealing with something that is unregulated.

What are the Requirements for Bitcoin Gold mining

The company that is running the Bitcoin gold mining operation will be the one that will provide you with all the Bitcoin Gold tokens and mining equipment.

Before starting the Bitcoin Gold mining you must have a Bitcoin wallet. You will also require a Bitcoin mining pool to mine bitcoins.

Miners must be located in Bitcoin Gold countries. You must also be able to access the Bitcointalk forum.

Have a decent internet connection. You will also need a GPU to mine Bitcoin gold, if you are going to mine with your GPU then you are good to go.

Keep in mind that, You will not be able to start mining bitcoin gold if you do not have a Bitcoin wallet.

How To Mine Bitcoin Gold

The process for Bitcoin gold is more different from those that are already mined in the past. So you need to understand what is this different process to understand how it works. So let’s begin!

How To Mine Bitcoin Gold

Step 1. Create a Miner: In order to begin mining, you need to create your own miner. This miner will be the process for mining bitcoin gold. Once you create the miner you can then download the Bitcoin Gold wallet software and you can start mining.

Step 2. Set your Goals: Once you have created your miner, you can now decide what goals you want to achieve. The goals will determine your profitability and the power you will get from your miner.


In this post, we have discussed How To Mine Bitcoin Gold and other important questions that comes to beginners’ mind. So if you are happy by reading this post don’t forget to share this post with friends and family.

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